Trade Displays and Satchel Inserts

Each year Ausmed runs over 300 conferences and seminars which cover a broad range of nursing and midwifery topics. Taking place throughout metropolitan and regional Australia, our events attract delegates from a wide range of health professions, the majority of whom are nurses and midwives. The delegates who attend our events are educationally minded and show great enthusiasm for all that will positively impact their practice.

If your company is interested in directly reaching this valuable group of health professionals, read on to find out how.

Trade Display

What you will get:

  • Trestle table and chair set up at the entry to the event or near the catering area
  • Catered for one person (two people for 151+ delegate events) with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea


Rates are based on the number of attendees who attend on the day of the event.

Estimated Number of Delegates Rate
Up to 50 $600 + GST
Between 51-100 $900 + GST
Between 101-150 $1,500 + GST
151+ $1,800 + GST

Satchel Inserts

At each event all delegates are provided with a satchel containing various conference materials provided by Ausmed. Including your company’s flyer in this satchel provides the opportunity for access to delegates during and after the event.

Ausmed’s satchel insert option is ideal if you are looking for a consistent weekly stream of high quality enquiries from health professionals. Only Ausmed with it’s 300 event strong footprint, can help you get a sample, flyer or enquiry form in the hands of 1000s of health professionals consistently each week.


You can choose to sponsor a specific event (pricing on application), or to have your flyer included in all event satchels for a fixed period of time. Rates are outlined below:

Distribution Number of Delegates Rate (up to 25g) Rate (up to 100g)
One Month 600 $1,200 + GST $1,800 + GST
Three Months 2,000 $3,000 + GST $4,500 + GST
Six Months 4,000 $5,500 + GST $8,250 + GST
Twelve Months 7,500 $9,000 + GST $13,500 + GST

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