Team Work
& Communication

One Day Workshop Program

About this Topic

Benefits of collaborative healthcare teams are well known. Fewer adverse outcomes, costly errors and complaints, plus greater patient satisfaction stem from strong teams.

Successful teams enrich work environments, enhance personal satisfaction and boost staff retention. However, despite these advantages, many inter-professional healthcare teams can struggle to reap these rewards.

This in-service is designed to strengthen collaboration and communication across general healthcare teams. Consideration can also be given to your current challenges.

Ausmed Will Organise

Course Note

Every learner will receive a booklet containing course notes. They will be able to refer to this again to refresh and reinforce their learning.

Experience Educator

The education/Training session will be delivered by a highly-evaluated and experienced educators who is an expert in this area


Receive official recognition of your participation in this education/Training session. The certificate can act as evidence of completing CPD.

Earn 6+ Hours of CPD

Each attendee will earn CPD towards their annual requirements through their attendance at this study day.

Choose to Cover

Ausmed will work with you to design an education/training session that is based on your specific needs. As part of a team work and communication session, you can choose to cover one or more of the following topics

  • Building effective communication in teams
  • Fundamentals of building great teams
  • Overcoming poor morale, competition and turf wars
  • Addressing conflict in group settings
  • Simple steps to make collaboration possible
  • Developing essential team skills
  • Handling difficult team conversations
  • Building team trust, confidence and integrity

Or, create a custom education session!