The Ausmed Team

Cynthea Wellings
I oversee the smooth running of Ausmed to ensure we stay on track.
Natalie Angove
Events Director
I oversee the running of all of Ausmed's educational seminars and conferences.
William Egan
Online Director
I support the development of Ausmed's online offerings.
Wayne Woff
Sales Director
I am the newly appointed sales director and am relishing the opportunity to work with the exceptional team at Ausmed.
Evan Wang
Chief Technology Officer
I lead Ausmed's software development and technology strategy.
Yang Yang
I oversee our receivables, payables, payroll, and budgeting processes.
Zoe Youl
Nurse Planner - Events Education Leader
I'm a critical care registered nurse. As a nurse planner I turn creative content ideas into conferences and seminars.
Hilary Bush
Nurse Planner - Online Education Manager
I'm a registered nurse who works with my team to design, implement, and evaluate our awesome online education
Nicole Howard
Events Coordinator
I make sure that everyone shows up at the events and that there is somewhere to show up to.
Georgia Egan-Griffiths
Marketing Coordinator
I help make sure everyone knows what events are coming up.
Helder Iap
Production and Despatch
I print and distribute all of Ausmed's conference materials.
Ximenes Yap
Events Administration
I help with general customer enquiries and book flights and accommodation for our presenters.
Jo Conlon
Nurse Planner (Events)
Michelle Iap
Assistant to Nurse Planners
I assist the events team by ensuring all events are uploaded and updated online, and provide other administration support.
Jose Panganiban
Customer Service Team Leader
I handle customer enquiries and assist with administration.
Stella Egan
Small Business Trainee
I handle customer enquiries, making Ausmed more efficient by assisting customers and doing administrative work.
Ella Blogg
Customer Service Officer
I handle customer enquiries and assist with general administration.
Danielle Knersch
I ensure the smooth sailing of the customer service department and customer satisfaction.
Chaille Bos
Customer Service Officer
I design, edit, and proofread Ausmed’s marketing collateral and help with general customer enquiries.
Ben Drane
Front-End Web Designer
I turn plain white screens into interesting colourful interfaces that you can read.
Jerry Zhang
Senior Software Engineer
I lead front-end web development on the platform.
David DiSipio
UX Researcher / Product Manager
I drive digital through human behaviour, applying psychology to software development.
Kim Mak
AV Technician
I create video magic for the Ausmed website and app.
Matt Stott
Digital Editor
I oversee the publishing of Ausmed online education and articles.
Michal Urbanczyk
Not all stories are told with words: I capture conferences and edit Ausmed's video content.
Ting Chen
Software Engineer
An IT girl working on both the front-end and back-end of the website.
Tianlong Song
Software Engineer
I build Ausmed's data services, support web development, and run our quality assurance processes.
Warren On Show
Mobile Developer
I am one of the programming wizards responsible for bringing the Ausmed CPD app to life.
Nan Ma
Junior Web Developer
I help with Ausmed's front-end web development and support out administration team.
Louise Huang
Junior Web Developer
I support the development of Ausmed's event services.
Ivy Drip
I am responsible for shredding important things and documents.