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March 05, 2019

Utilising Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as a Foundation for Program Evaluation in Healthcare

Last week, I completed the annual report for our department’s American Nurses Credentialing Commission’s (ANCC) provider unit. Our team of nurse planners and I assessed, implemented and evaluated seventy-seven continuing education programs that were presented across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The exercise of completing this report allowed me to reflect
February 27, 2019

New LMS Features: Activity Feed and To Do List

We’re excited to announce the release of two new features to the Ausmed LMS. The Activity Feed and the To Do List are now available to all of our LMS customers! These features, located in the Dashboard, will enable managers and educators to ensure both they and their staff are staying accountable to learning.
February 26, 2019

PBL: Problem, Practice or Project Based Learning?

The acronym PBL is used widely in academic literature but what does it stand for? Problem-based learning, practice-based learning, or even project-based learning? As Cambell (2014) points out having so many possible meanings can be unhelpful and confusing. So how can healthcare educators make sense of PBL and choose the right
February 19, 2019

New Nurses and a Culture of Support

When a graduate nurse walks through the doors of your institution, what do they see, feel, hear, and experience? What message is delivered by the nature of your corporate culture? Do they feel supported, or do they feel dismissed and disdained? Setting up new nurses for success isn’t rocket science,