The Story of Ausmed Education

30 Years of Success – Est. 1987

Ausmed Publications (then known as AECD Publishing), was initially founded by a nurse as a publishing house in 1987. It is from this company that Ausmed Education later emerged. The company’s initial book publication was a best-seller and Ausmed quickly set about publishing a small library of local nursing textbooks. Several of these textbooks still remain in circulation today. However, the disruptions of the Internet eventually made paper-based books prohibitive for many small publishers and Ausmed produced its last book – the third edition of Palliative Care Nursing: A Guide to Practice – in 2010.

In the early 1990s, Ausmed began actively promoting Australian nursing education. This resulted in the production of many resources written by and for nurses, midwives and other health professionals. Ausmed also commenced organising conferences for nurses, which were successful from the outset. In 1994, Ausmed ran a number of highly attended conferences including The Future of Nursing – Critical Path Towards the Year 2000, and The Nursing Home Nurses’ Conference. Nowadays, Ausmed Education produces 100s of conferences and seminars, which are held across Australia annually. Many thousands of nurses, midwives and other health professionals are educated at these events each year.

By 1996 Ausmed started to digitise it products. In fact, Ausmed was one of the very earliest adopters of technology in its industry. Today, Ausmed Education has a dedicated department of software engineers responsible for developing cutting edge technology aimed at making health professional jobs easier. This digitisation lead to a range of highly innovative services. Ausmed’s CPD app for example, is extensively used by health professionals and is now probably the best such tool available, anywhere.

As an Australian company, we pride ourselves on enabling employees to create innovations that can help nurses, midwives and other professionals but, most importantly, the mission of Ausmed has always been to improve patient care through education. Our story has always kept true to this fundamental ideal.

What does the future hold?
For the first time, Ausmed Education will be able to assist organisations to provide quality, evidenced education tailored only to their staff’s needs. This will be achieved with the use of cutting edge technology that builds on the knowledge gained from big data. The next ten years will see Ausmed Education become a world leader in specific, designated technology designed to make professional health care education more effective for the patient.

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