New LMS Feature: Upload Learning Resources to Your Library

April 01, 2019 By Ausmed

We’re excited to announce some key updates to the Your Library section of the Ausmed LMS, that will give our customers the ability to build a rich internal learning library and training modules for their staff.

As part of Your Library, educators and managers can upload links to content on the web (including articles, YouTube videos, key industry websites and more) and internal files (including PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, documents, videos and more).

Once uploaded, learning can then be assigned to staff and completed and documented via the Ausmed App or website.

Upload New Resource

Key Outcomes

Populating Your Library with resources can take the learning conversation to the next level by enabling educators to:

  • Strengthen outcomes of training by providing staff with access to relevant follow-up documents, resources and information
  • Upload in-service PowerPoint slides to enable better retention of new information and skills
  • Facilitate staff onboarding by uploading key internal documents that all new staff must review and be aware of
  • Point staff towards relevant policies and procedures, including any key changes or updates

Your Library


Celebrating All Learning

Your Library is also part of the broader celebration of all learning that is facilitated by the Ausmed LMS. It’s important to recognise that a comprehensive staff education program cannot consist of modules from just one source. Plus, with so many great providers out there, why limit yourself to one, or a handful?

Through the Ausmed LMS, organisations are given the ability to build a staff education program that combines learning resources and modules from both internal and external sources, plus content from the Ausmed Learning Library.

If you’re currently not an LMS customer but would like to find out more about the Ausmed LMS and its extensive features click here to download an information sheet.

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