Welcome to Ausmed’s LMS! We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to manage and curate your organisation’s education program with us.

This is your step by step guide to ensuring you get the most out of the Ausmed LMS. It also includes a ‘To Do’ list at the end of each section.

The guide includes information for Platform Managers on:

Setting Up Your Organisation

After starting your subscription with Ausmed, your staff will receive an email notifying them of this. They will be required to accept the invitation to join your organisation and set up their individual Ausmed account.

The Platform Manager will also be able to manually add or remove staff as needed from within the LMS software.

How to add and remove staff from your organisation

Managing Your Staff

The Platform Manager is in charge of ensuring staff have:

  • Accepted the invitation to join the organisation; and
  • Set up their individual Ausmed account, including downloading the Ausmed App.

To check whether staff have accepted the invitation and set up their account, navigate to the Manage Staff section (see image below). Once staff complete their set up, their status will switch to ‘active’.

If staff did not receive, or cannot find the invitation email, simply click ‘Re-invite’. This will re-send the invitation email to the staff member.

Note: Platform Managers will also have to set up their individual Ausmed account and download the Ausmed App.

Creating Teams

Within the Ausmed LMS, Platform Managers are also able to create and modify professional teams. This will simplify performance tracking, assigning learning and communication.

Where there are discreet teams within an organisation (based on location, profession etc.) Platform Managers are encouraged to separate these groups into teams.

The head of each team can be granted administrative permissions by the Platform Manager within the LMS. This will enable them to monitor the learning of their staff members.

They will not have visibility over staff members in other teams.

To Do:

  1. Ensure all staff members accept the invitation to join the organisation
  2. Ensure all staff members have downloaded the Ausmed App
  3. Create teams for staff groups within your organisation (if required)

The Dashboard

Each time you log in, you will land on the Dashboard. Here, Platform Managers are provided with an outline of six key areas:

  • Total Compliant Staff: the number of staff who are currently complying with the registration requirements of their profession
  • Compliance Breakdown: staff are broken down by profession and compliance with registration requirements
  • Hours of Learning: the total hours of documented learning completed by staff in your organisation. Documentation of an activity must occur in order to be displayed here
  • Activity Type Breakdown: see the breakdown of education completed by staff in your organisation by activity type. This will show which type of education is most popular amongst your staff
  • Total Staff: the total number of staff in your organisation who are linked to this subscription
  • Staff Requiring Re-engagement: see the number of days since staff completed education

Reporting and Staff Transcripts

The Reporting tab can give the Platform Manager vision over staff and their learning. The Staff Transcripts tab is particularly useful. It enables you to see the following:

  • All staff members
  • CPD Documented
  • Days since last learning

Click to view the profile of each individual staff member and see:

  • A summary of their details
  • Learning goals
  • Assigned learning
  • Activities documented

To Do

  1. Keep track of individual learner goals and learning
  2. View the learning reflections of staff members and understand whether barriers exist that prevent successful translation of learning
  3. Understand which learners need more attention

eLearning and How To Assign Learning

Within the eLearning tab, Platform Managers are able to explore the content in the Ausmed Library. This is updated regularly with new Courses, Lectures and Articles.

If Platform Managers find content that they think would be beneficial for their staff, they can assign this content to them. To assign a piece of content from the Ausmed Library, navigate to the Ausmed Library tab, find the resource you would like to assign, hover over the title and click the ‘Assign’ button.

You can assign CPD to individuals, teams or all staff.

Once you confirm the assignment of learning, individual staff members will see this in their To-do list on their Ausmed account dashboard. They will also receive an email to notify them of this.

Platform Managers can view assigned learning in the Reporting tab, under ‘Assigned CPD’.

To Do

  1. Assign some CPD to a staff member
  2. Check whether they have completed the learning in the ‘Assigned CPD’ tab

Uploading BYO content

This provides a fabulous opportunity to add interesting CPD resources from around the web that you think may be relevant to your staff. Managers can then assign this learning to staff members or teams.

Note: In order for the BYO Content to appear as available to staff members, its status must be set to ‘Published’.

To Do

  1. Find a piece of web-based content
  2. Import this content into the BYO Content section of the LMS
  3. Assign to staff members or teams

CPD Planning Tools

If staff members watch or read a piece of Ausmed content that they found particularly valuable, they can recommend it to their manager. This gives managers visibility over the learning that staff members find useful.

At the end of the documentation process, individuals will be given the opportunity to recommend the resource to their manager. If they tick ‘Yes’, the details of this resource will appear in the ‘Suggested Learning’ tab of the LMS.

From here, managers can see who has recommended the learning and whether multiple people have in fact recommended the same resource.

To Do:

  1. Encourage staff to recommend useful resources at the end of the documentation process
  2. Review these recommended resources, and if they are appropriate, assign this learning to staff