Evaluating Your Education: Don’t Get Left Behind!

January 18, 2018 By Cynthea Wellings


How organisations evaluate the effectiveness of their education is about to change…

Evaluation is a word that gets thrown around liberally, but how effective is it?
For instance, do you really know if the education and training you provide to staff is effective? Does anything change as a result of learners participating in these educational programs?

Evaluation is clearly the key.

The state of evaluation

In the Past

  • The value placed on designing, conducting, collecting and, more importantly, analysing evaluations was relatively low.
  • Evaluations of educational programs were collected on paper and typically focussed on learner satisfaction, and the learning that was provided – not what resulted from the education.
  • Successful education departments were measured more against completion rates, number of activities provided and number of attendees

In the Present

  • Organisations are beginning to recognise the importance of more effective evaluation
  • With the move online, evaluations are now completed both online and on paper. Hence the collection and collating of evaluation data is slowly becoming more automated
  • Translating evaluations into forward-looking actions remains difficult.
  • Manual interpretation of evaluations persists.

In the Future

  • Organisations will collect meaningful, qualitative data from their educational programs effortlessly using technology
  • This data will drive strategic future planning around educational needs that are required deep within an organisation
  • Organisations will have a clear understanding of whether their employees are able to implement what they have learnt into their everyday practice
  • The implementation of education by health professionals will be tangibly linked to better health outcomes for patients
  • Effective targeting of education and enabling knowledge translation will lead to cost savings by healthcare facilities

Evaluation of everything is an essential part of effective workplaces. However, any evaluation is only useful if it gives meaning to those who are in a position to translate what it is discovering into some form of improved practice.

At Ausmed, we are always looking to the future and thinking about how technology can help you to provide targeted, useful and effective education.

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