Migrate Your eNurse Professional File to Ausmed

Ausmed is working with eNurse to assist holders of an eNurse Professional File to transition their accounts over to Ausmed.

eNurse has negotiated a special discount rate to subscribe to Ausmed as part of this transition. The RRP of $360 for a years subscription to Ausmed has been reduced to $220 for existing eNurse Professional File holders, for the first year of subscription only. This offer will expire on the earlier of either the last date of your current paid period of your eNurse Professional File, or 31/01/2019.

To proceed, please fill in the account migration form on the page.

*This offer is only available to eNurse Professional File holders who do not already hold an Ausmed Subscription. Ausmed reserves the right to revoke this offer at any time.

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