Education Survey

The purpose of this survey is to enable you to benchmark your educational processes against others in health and aged care agencies.

1) How many staff do you have in your education/training department? Select one response only
2) Do you currently have an education/training planning committee (or equivalent)?
3) Do you have an education/training schedule or plan that you work to?
4) Is you education/training schedule or plan based on staff performance appraisals?
5) What is the main target group for the education/training you are required to provide? Select one response only
6) What is the one major driver for planning staff education/training in your organisation? Select one response only
7) What is your educational/training budget? Select one response only
8) How often do you conduct a needs assessment/gap analysis for your educational/training programs? Select one response only
9) What are the most commonly used education/training methods in your organisation? Select all that apply to your organisation.

10) Approximately what percentage of your schedule is allocated to mandatory competency education/training? Select one response only
11) On average, what is the duration of the education/training programs you provide internally? Select one response only
12) How confident are you that the learning objectives for your education/training programs incorporate better outcomes for patients? Select one response only
13) How do you know if your target group have learned anything?
Select the 3 options that are most used in your organisation.

14) Do you review data reports of outcomes to assess the effectiveness of education/training on performance or patient care?
15) How do you use the evaluations once they are completed? Select all that apply to your organisation

16) Do you conduct a cost benefit analysis of your education/training programs?
17) In the past year, did evidence reveal practice/performance changed as a direct result of an education/training program planned by you?
18) How confident are you that the education you organise or provide makes a difference to patient care?
19) From your experience, do you think your organisation would benefit from you providing more targeted education/training that is not necessarily mandatory?
20) To what extent do you believe routine mandatory education/training programs make a difference to outcomes for patients and your organisation as a whole?
21) Please provide a list of the areas/topics which make up your annual 'mandatory' training line-up

Thank you for completing this educational survey.

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