Content Partnerships

Ausmed Education Pty Ltd (Ausmed) partners with health information and learning providers for the distribution of educational content via the Ausmed CPD platform. Our partnerships reflect a shared vision to provide content that is both reliable and free from commercial bias.

The Ausmed CPD platform is used by health professionals as a portal for the discovery, completion and documentation of CPD/CE education. All third party content is assessed for its accuracy and must align with Ausmed’s content guidelines.

Why Become an Ausmed Content Partner?

As one of Australia’s leading nursing education and continuing professional development providers, Ausmed’s content partners will benefit from exposure to over 130,000 healthcare professionals. Effective education typically involves three stages:

  1. identifying knowledge gaps
  2. sourcing and completing learning to fill those knowledge gaps
  3. reflecting on your learning.

By partnering with Ausmed, we can ensure your content finds those people who have identified learning gaps in the specific area your content addresses.

The Benefits of Being an Ausmed Content Partner Include:

Content available directly within Ausmed CPD platform and app
From time to time, high quality articles will be featured in Ausmed’s well-known weekly newsletter, The Handover
Brand alignment, recognising your organisation as a trusted source of healthcare information
Increased website traffic
Exposure to a wider audience

*Please note, Ausmed does not host third party content on our site. We provide users with an external link to access your content directly via your website.

Eligibility and Guidelines

To be eligible for consideration as an Ausmed Content Partner, organisations and content providers must:

  • Align with the principles of FOAMed and FOANed (Free Open Access Medical/Nursing education)
  • Be dedicated to providing high-quality education, free of commercial-bias (read ‘what is commercial bias?’)
  • Content should align with Ausmed’s content guidelines (read the full guidelines here).